Tsjuder was started in 1993 by Berserk (Guitar) and Nag (Bass and vocals).

In 1994 Draugluin (Guitar) joined the band. A lot of songs were recorded, but never released.

In 1995 the first demo “Ved ferdens ende” was released. Shortly after this demo, Berserk left the band. Since then Nag and Draugluin have been the leading persons in Tsjuder. The new material was much more raw and fit the band better.

In 1996 Torvus joined on drums, and the second demo “Possessed” was released. After this demo Torvus was kicked out of the band.

Desecrator replaced Torvus on the drums. Also Diabolus Mort came home to Norway after 4 years in the US and joined on guitar. In 1997 the Ep “Throne of the Goat” was recorded and released on Solistitum Records.

Diabous Mort and Desecrator lost interest in the band. Nag and Draugluin continued for themselves, and they made some new songs.

The debut album was then planned with Blod (from Gehenna) on drums. Arak Draconiiz (from Isvind) joined the band on guitar. Then they recorded the promo “Atum Nocturnem” actually meant for Blod to rehearse, but was released by At War Records in 1999. After the promo Drakkar Productions and EAL productions got in touch with Tsjuder, and a deal for two albums and tours was signed. In the end of 1999 the debut album “Kill for Satan” was recorded. Because of time limits and that Blod was unable to join the band on the first planned tour in 2000, Anti Christian joined instead on the drums.

After the release of "Kill for Satan" Arak Draconiiz moved away from Oslo, and was replaced by Paal.

Anti Christian had to leave the band in 2001 because he got tendinitis in both arms. Paal left the band due to his working hours. Anti Christian was replaced by Jontho (from Ragnarok), and “Demonic Possession” was recorded in December 2001 - January 2002.

The second album "Demonic Possession" was released. The Ep "Throne of the Goat" was re-released as a picEp on Norwegian Mester Productions.

Jontho was replaced by Anti Christian due to Jontho living far away from Nag and Draugluin and he also had very much to do with Ragnarok.

Tsjuder signs to Season of Mist. "Desert Northern Hell" is due to be released the 1st of November.

Doing a month of touring in Europe with Carpathian Forest, and some other concerts. Records "Norwegian Apocalypse" (DVD) in Oslo and Sandnes, Norway.

"Norwegian Apocalypse" is due to be released in September.

Berserk Guitar from 1993 - 1995 ("Ved ferdens ende" + div gigs)
Torvus Drums from 1995-1996 ("Possessed")
Desecrator Drums from 1997-1998 ("Throne of the Goat")
Diabolus Mort Guitar from 1997-1998 ("Throne of the Goat")
Arak Draconiiz Guitar from 1999 - 2000 ("Atum Nocturnem" & "Kill for Satan")
Blod Drums from 1998-1999
Pål Guitar & backup vocals from 2000 - 2001 (UBS2000)
Jonas Pedersen Drums from 2000-2000
Jontho Drums from 2001 - 2002 ("Demonic Possession" & UBS2002)